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Tropical Island Aromatherapy

Tropical Island Aromatherapy

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Tropical Island Aromatherapy

InSPArations new Signature Collection of aromatherapy, ISLAND. Immerse in the iconic aroma of the island's and let it take you away to paradise. Infused with Natural Aloe Vera Extract and Vitamins to moisturise and protect your skin. Unique hints of tropical fruit-water balanced with fresh island florals, exotic woods and citrus blossom. Natural essential properties will leave you soft and moisturised.

For spas and hot tubs add 1-2 capful. For baths add until desired aroma is reached.


Proplyene Gylcol USP, Fragrance, (Parfum) Glycerin USP, Aqua, Dimethypolysiloxane, Natural Essential Elements, Blue 1 (CI 73015), Green 3(CI 42053)

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