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Why choose a Vortex Palladium?

The Ultimate spa pool?

With seating for nine, up to 93 jets and 3 jet pumps, two lay down seats, a neck massage seat and a multitude of water features and lighting options, we don't think you could build a better, bigger and more impressive spa than the Vortex Palladium.

Big in everyway

This is not a spa for the faint hearted. It's a massive 3.5 x 2.3 metres meaning it has a water volume of 2500 litres. Even with Vortex's array of standard energy saving technologies, we would advise you to consider an optional heat pump if you are planning to heat the spa year round.

Extremely versatile

Designed to seat 10+ adults, the Palladium is also a great kids spa, as it's large size makes it as much a small swimming pool as a big spa.

Feature packed

One really great feature for us is the fully lit step down access. This makes it ideal for those who may be a little uncertain on their feet but also give the kids shallower seating options. If you want the ultimate spa package then upgrade to the Palladium Avanté for a tougher, more economical spa with some extra bling.


AGFEST Special pricing - This price is for floor models.

Two currently in stock:
1x Palladium in Gypsum / Coastal Grey - $18,499
1x Palladium Hydroplus in Gypsum / Coastal Grey - $19,499

Price does not include delivery which will require hi-ab or crane depending on access requirements.

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