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Shadowspec™ SU2™ Cafe Umbrella - Octagon

Shadowspec™ SU2™ Cafe Umbrella - Octagon

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The SU2 Cafe & Resort Umbrella is strong, durable and easy for anyone to operate - it's a one person job.

Shape: Octagon

Size: 2.7m or 4.0m

Delivery: Special Order - Please allow 1-2 weeks delivery lead time for instore pick-up or home delivery. 

The SU2 Cafe & Resort Umbrella is available as square or octagon in shape, There are four sizes and a variety of canopy colours, with both Surface Plate and Portable Base mounting options. The 2m umbrella is extremely popular as a home and and cafe umbrella whereas the 4m umbrella has been supplied to many resorts.  We can supply branded cafe umbrellas, providing additional exposure opportunities.

It is the perfect commercial outdoor umbrella solution for the hospitality industry, offering protection from the sun and the rain, while adding style, class and extra functionality to your outdoor space. Installing a shade umbrella is an investment in quality that will enhance your property for years to come, while maximising your underutilised spaces to grow revenue.

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