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SpaNet 8.8kw Heat Pump

SpaNet 8.8kw Heat Pump

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Spa pools are designed to trap and retain heat and most spa controls can only heat the spa water. With no cooling ability, the higher ambient temperatures during warmer months often result in spas being too hot to use. However the SV heat pump interface revolutionises spa temperature control. SV heat pumps not only provide automatic heating of the spa water, but automatic cooling of the spa water as well. Simply set your desired water temperature (from 10ºC – 40ºC) and let the SV heat pump do the rest. Enjoy your spa year round – heat or cool depending on the season.

How does it work?

Our heat pumps use refrigeration technology to extract heat from the air (even when cold) and only consume a very small amount of energy to power a fan motor and compressor. When compared to gas or electric heaters our heat pumps use a tiny portion of energy to generate the same amount of heat output, using around 75% less energy than an electric spa heater & 55% less energy than natural gas.

SpaNet Heat Pumps vs Gas

Power saving offsets cost

When you have a SV heat pump you’re consuming less energy which means smaller energy bills and massive savings on electricity each and every month, saving your thousands for years to come. The money saved on electricity is so significant it will pay for your investment over a short period of time. This means the heat pump has a $0 net cost and is essentially FREE!

Generate free energy

For every 1 kilowatt of electricity a standard electric heater consumes it only outputs 1 kilowatt of heat. In comparison for every 1 kilowatt of electricity the SV Series heat pumps consume they output up to 8.8 kilowatts of heat, thereby generating up to 7.8 kilowatts of heat for FREE! 

Affordable Year Round Spa Use

A SpaNET equipped spa with SV heat
pump costs so little to run you can afford
to leave your spa hot & ready to use 24/7

Faster Heat Up Times

With larger 5.5kW, 8.8kW output,
the SV heat pumps can heat your spa
nearly twice as fast as standard heaters

Spa Stays Hot on Cold Nights

Our heat pumps use such minimal power
they can remain on when spa is in use so
you can spa for longer on cold nights

Simple Plug-n-play Installation

Plug-n-play direct cable connection to all
SV spa controls. No additional power
circuits required. Automatic detection
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