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Shadowspec™ Retreat 2.7m Umbrella - Octagon

Shadowspec™ Retreat 2.7m Umbrella - Octagon

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The Shadowspec Retreat™ rotates, tilts and extends. We've engineered the wall mounted umbrella to be strong, beautiful and easy-to-use.

When space is tight or narrow, a wall-mount umbrella will open your space providing shade throughout the day without cluttering up your area. The Retreat is perfect for balconies and narrow living spaces - no interfering poles, no bulky bases,  clearing the way for unencumbered enjoyment and relaxation outdoors, all day. 

The Shadowspec Retreat is built with marine-grade materials to ensure your umbrella stands up to conditions. The Shadowlift Gas-piston allows for easy deployment. 

The Shadowspec Retreat folds down into a narrow, vertical position. This allows for installation in any space. We've designed the Retreat so when folded down and closed, the arm doesn't encroach on windows or building parts to the left or right of the installation location. 

Create an outdoor space that is compact, refined and useful with the Wall Mounted Umbrella. Don't waste precious space with an umbrella base.

Maximise your outdoor space, even when the outdoor area is restricted in size. Enjoy unimpeded shade with the Wall Mounted Umbrella.

Versatile, refined sun protection.

Three technical innovations work together in harmony to provide shade all day long.




Gas-assisted, anti-gravity, easy lift. Shadowlift™ is the most advanced umbrella deployment system in the industry.



Smart opening system designed by our in-house team to create a smooth, safe opening action every time.



Integrated extension enables the Retreat to close against a wall with no intrusion over windows or doorways. Easy to open with overhead eaves.



Handy tilt angle to shade from low-in-sky sun, be it a serene morning as the sun rises or a warm evening as it sets.


Best-in-class Warranty.


Rest assured your Shadowspec Retreat is protected with the best fabric warranty available. Not only is it UPF80+ rated for U/V sun protection, it’s also backed with a 3 year fabric warranty**.


Matching our fabric warranty with a frame warranty of 3 years** will give you the confidence to create a great outdoor space with the Shadowspec Retreat.

Fabric Colours:

Umbrella Size:

Flat-to-flat measurement

2300mm | 7'7''


Point-to-point measurement

2700mm | 8'10''


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