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Spazazz Aromatherapy Spa Fragrance - Tropical Rain

Spazazz Aromatherapy Spa Fragrance - Tropical Rain

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Spazazz Aromatherapy Spa Fragrance - Tropical Rain

This alluring aroma will transport you to an afternoon on the island where the Plumeria trees grow wild and the light rain brings the refreshing scent of new beginnings.

Spazazz Flora Wood Aromatherapy delivers vitamin enriched moisturisers, mood enhancing aromas and body healing elements that will balance, relax and rejuvenate your mind and body while pampering your skin with ultra-moisturisers.

• 265ml
• All natural ingredients
• Spa safe & oil free
• Anti-inflammatory
• Ultra moisturiser
• Stress reliever

USE: Spa, Hot Tub, Jacuzzi, Bath Tub and Shower. Pour in 1 to 2 capfuls to attain your desired aroma.

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